Let’s assume that you are all set to write a review on a movie you just watched. You all are excited by the cinematography, acting and script of the movie and want to share your experience with your subscribers on your movie blog. Everything in your review goes perfect but a few grammar mistakes here and there. Well, that didn’t make many visitors on your blog to notice or point them out. But… few Grammar Nazis in the internet universe were in no mood to spare you and they highlighted the errors in comments. You read the comments and your subscribers read them too… awkward! Isn’t it?

This gives you an idea that how important it is to keep a good check on your grammar and sentence formation so that your readers can actually understand what you are conveying through your article.

One just cannot deny the sexiness of a grammatically correct article. A well written, grammar error free post is assumed higher in standard and in content. It also establishes you as a capable writer.

All the internet browsers today have spell checkers enabled for text areas or online visual editors. These spell checkers are great in rescuing you from spelling errors but alas they cannot do much to check your grammar mistakes and sentence structure issues.

Here, Grammarly comes to your rescue.  So what is this Grammarly actually?

Grammarly Logo

Grammarly, as the site claims, is the best online tool to check your grammar and to proofread your content. It can help you in following ways:

  • As a grammar correction tool
  • As a vocabulary suggestion tool
  • Plagiarism checker

How to use Grammarly:

Grammarly Browser Extension

You must already know about browsers extensions. If not, read this post on browser extensions.

The good thing about Grammarly browser extension is that it is absolutely FREE! You just need to install the browser extension that is very less in size and should take less than a minute.


Get Browser Extension Here


Once you install Grammarly, you can see the Grammarly icon on your browser toolbar.

Grammarly Tutorial

 Now, you have to click the icon and it will take you to the Grammarly signup/login page. Quickly create an account and you are all set to make most of this tool.

How Grammarly works on Visual Editors / Text Areas:

Whenever you are working on a visual editor or writing in a Text Area, you can see Grammarly icon present at the bottom right. This means that Grammarly is actively keeping an eye on your writing to alert you for any grammatical mistake, confused words and issues with sentence formation.

As soon as it detects an error, the icon goes red indicating number of mistakes it has found in your post/article/paragraph.

Grammarly Tutorial

To see the correction proposed by Grammarly, you either need to hover your mouse over the underlined word or click the icon present at the bottom right. Then just click on the correction if it seems fit to you. Awesome, isn’t it!

Grammarly Tutorial

Not only this, Grammarly also helps in detecting plagiarism (The act of copying another person’s ideas, text, or other creative work, and presenting it as one’s own, especially without permission), but this feature is paid and you need to buy it for a price.

Grammarly Web Application

Grammarly Web Application can be helpful in case the browser extension is not installed on the computer you are working. The application provides an editor where you can write your post or past your content and search for the errors.

Grammarly Tutorial

Many features like vocabulary enhancement, professional proofreading, plagiarism are premium features and come with a price.

The most happening feature of Grammarly

Well, this is my most favorite feature of Grammarly. Grammarly Browser Extension also acts as an instant dictionary for you. Let’s say you are reading a passage online and stumble on a word with which you are not familiar. In order to know the definition of that word, just double-click to select the word. If Grammarly Extension is enabled on your browser, then you can see a pop-up on the word providing the definition of that word in detail. How cool is that! You do not have to navigate anywhere else to find the definition; just a double-click and you get to know the definition.

Grammarly Dictionary - BlogHarp

To conclude, Grammarly has proved to be a very useful tool for me to check the grammatical mistakes I make and to correct my sentence formations. Most of the awesome features are provided for free so it takes nothing out of your pocket. With the Free Grammarly version, you get a tool that checks for 100 points of grammar, contextual spelling, and punctuation errors. Though it is free, it will work anywhere on the web as long as you use the Google Chrome, Mozilla or Safari browser with the extension installed.