The craze of blogging has not subsided even after a decade since the first of the blogs appeared. Almost every famous personality or a well-known brand keeps a blog. So, why is blogging so crucial and beneficial? Why should you have a blog of your own? Well, here are the top 10 reasons why you should start blogging today:

Blogging is a challenge

Indeed, blogging is a challenge and success comes only to those who remain consistent and determined. There would be many who started a blog with excitement but could not stand the determination and patience it demands. Just after few days of blogging, they succumbed to procrastination and negligence, and their blogs could never grow to success. Make sure you do not follow this path.

You expand your learning graph

As it is said “It’s not about the journey, it’s about the destination”, and this fits perfectly for any venture you commence. You start a blog today and may be after few years it would become famous, but what takes you there to the heights of success matters a lot. The overall process of learning, the mistakes you made and how you overcame them, the hurdles you crossed, the knowledge you earned will matter a lot to you.

You make a difference in lives of others by teaching them something good

This will certainly make you feel great, isn’t it! How wonderful it would be that you are sharing your knowledge with others and your readers are greatly benefitted from it. Let’s assume you have started a photography tutorial blog. Just think of the amount of people who can visit your blog, gain knowledge from your photography expertise and in turn, make a positive difference in their lives/profession/hobby.

You build your brand

As your blog climbs the heights of success, simultaneously it is established as a brand too. People will come to know you by your blog’s name and by the work you showcase in your blog. Your identity grows along with your blog’s success.

You are able to reach a vast audience around the globe

Well, this is the beauty of the internet. No matter in what corner of the Earth you are located, if you have a blog, then people from around the globe can easily access what you have to offer in your blog. In this era, any information is just a mouse-click away. This gives you a great opportunity to build an international online community which visits your blog and enjoys it.

You become an expert on the topic

I personally feel that a great way to boost your knowledge on a particular subject is to start teaching on it. Initially, this may sound funny to you but many have greatly benefitted from this method. In order to teach a subject, you obviously need to explore the depths of it which will result in more insights and more knowledge. If you remain consistent, then one day you will have enough knowledge of the subject to claim yourself as an Expert in it. The same happens with blogging. When you start to blog about something, you tend to do research, gather facts and increase your knowledge. This process gradually establishes you as an Expert on your blog’s subject.

You become more organized

When you start blogging, you realize that it demands discipline. In order to make your blog grow and reach more and more audience, you need to put some good amount of time in it. You have to maintain a schedule to write posts so that you can offer your readers something new now and then. You have to work according to a planner and gradually it becomes your habit to work in a more organized way.

You become a good writer

For many of us, writing may not be the primary interest. But, if you want to offer awesome content to your readers, you need to write equivalently awesome. Good writing skills do not develop instantly. But if you remain determined and consistent for your blog, one day you would be able to write remarkably. Writing also helps you to bring out your expressions and your thoughts in a much effective way which you may not express as effectively with spoken words.

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You meet and connect with new people

As I said, a blog on the internet can help you build a great online community. In this process, you meet new people from all corners of the world, connect with them and share experiences. You feel good that so many people across the globe know you by your work and by your name. Cool, isn’t it!

You make money

This may or may not be the ultimate reason to start a blog. Who will not like some cash flow out of their blog? Once you are able to give your blog some success and maintain good traffic on your blog, you can use it to create some serious income for you. You can incorporate monetization methods like affiliate marketing, pay per click, paid advertising, etc and generate a good amount of cash flow.

These are the top reasons for why you should start blogging today. If you are clueless about how to give it a start, then read my detailed guide on how to start a blog from scratch which will give you enough knowledge to set your own blog in next 20 minutes.

Do let me know in comments if you agree with these 10 reasons and what drives you start your own blog.