WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

In my initial days of blogging, I had no idea that WordPress comes in two versions - .WordPress.org and WordPress.com. If you are new to blogging, then you too must be wondering what is the difference between these two. The major difference between the two is how your website/blog is [...]

October 1st, 2016|0 Comments

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging Today

The craze of blogging has not subsided even after a decade since the first of the blogs appeared. Almost every famous personality or a well-known brand keeps a blog. So, why is blogging so crucial and beneficial? Why should you have a blog of your own? Well, here are the top [...]

October 1st, 2016|0 Comments

5 Sure-shot Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary

We all feel the need to keep improving our vocabulary for one reason or the other. Sometimes we long for a word that can truly express what we want to convey to the readers. At other times we want to impress our readers with our skills to use a word [...]

September 16th, 2016|0 Comments

What is Grammarly and how to use it to check your grammar

Let’s assume that you are all set to write a review on a movie you just watched. You all are excited by the cinematography, acting and script of the movie and want to share your experience with your subscribers on your movie blog. Everything in your review goes perfect but [...]

September 13th, 2016|0 Comments
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